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How To Choose The Right CBD Product For You

How To Choose The Right CBD Product For You

There are countless CBD brands and products out in the market today. More often than not terms, correct dosing and right product may leave one feeling overwhelmed. ANANDHA founder, Nicolas Pollet begins, “It’s always good to take time and learn more about the product you are using. Does it come from a reliable supplier? Is it third party tested? What are extraction methods were used?”


In discerning a good product consider quality, consistency and safety. Find the time to look for certifications and transparency in their supply chain. Although some might find this a tab bit tedious, keep in mind that these products will be applied onto skin or ingested. That in itself is good reason to probe into source.


Good suppliers are, first and foremost, transparent about where they get their ingredients and how they are processed. They are not in the practice of overpromising benefits or efficacy. Instead, hallmarks of a brand worth trusting include third party testing as well as sound sustainable ethos backed by valid certifications.


Before going on a CBD wellness journey, Nicolas advices, “Remember that results do not happen overnight. CBD is amazing but it is not magical.” Because of CBD’s fat soluble nature, this ingredient actually compounds in your body over time. Basically, that means that when you dose regularly, you also optimize the health benefits. This holds especially true for drops, edibles and capsule forms.


CBD for Chronic Pains and Migraines

Choosing the right product entails a clear definition of your health concerns and goals. It’s also good to be clear about where you are in your wellness journey. Vapes are potent pain relievers, and its effects are often felt within minutes. Nicolas says, “Chewing a CBD candy will not ease a strong neck pain but a vape might. Results vary according to the percentage of cannabinoids used on the products.” Vapes are recommended for those who suffer from chronic pains and migraines. Tip: if you feel a migraine coming on, vaping will ease this almost immediately.

 PASO’s pure blend of CBD, CBG, terpenes and other cannabinoids in vape form are ideal for managing pain and other discomforts all throughout the day. Unlike other cartridges that use propylene or vegetable glycerin, PASO’s blends are filled only with the good stuff—nothing more.


CBD for Stress, Anxiety and Feeling Out of Balance

Appease stress, feelings of imbalance and anxiety, drops or edibles are ideal additions to you daily supplements. For hectic days that then you have you on the edge of your seat, consider set the tone for focused calm with CBD.


Lady A’s Morning Tincture combines broad spectrum CBD hemp extracts with rosehip oil, blood orange, turmeric and Vitamin D to enhance focus, calm and immune function. It a perk-me-up drop that allows you to stay razor sharp and composed even on the most demanding of days.


CBD drops have also been commonly used to aid in better sleep. In fact, for first time users, taking CBD at night is highly suggested. For a deep restorative slumber, enjoy a full dropper of Lady A’s Evening Tincture. Deliciously flavored with chocolate and mint, it is the perfect evening treat to usher in the sweetest, deepest sleep.


CBD for Skincare Rituals

CBD has also been the hero ingredient in skincare. Its unparalleled anti inflammatory properties have been hailed as miracle workers in the beauty industry. Sensitive skin types suffering from eczema or psoriasis benefit from formulations infused with CBD. This plant derivative also aids in soothing redness, breakouts and surface irritation. Tip: for the most soothing evening facial, pat a few drops of CBD Face Oil onto face and massage with upward strokes using a Rose Quartz roller or Gua Sha.


KANA’s LIT Premium Facial Oil blend merges KBeauty formulations with the transformative powers of CBD to bring skin that post facial glow. Once or twice each week, elevate your CBD skin ritual with KANA’s Rice Sleeping Mask. Utilizing purple rice (or forbidden rice once only used for the Chinese royal family), this anti oxidant-rich skin treat brings back skin’s firmness, a glow from within while significantly improving tone and texture.   

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