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Interview with KANA Founder, Janice Buu

Interview with KANA Founder, Janice Buu

What got you into CBD?

There were several events in my life where I witnessed the benefits of CBD. First, I began my career in the mental health and wellness field around 2010, as a behavioral therapist for children with developmental disorders. It was during this work that I was first exposed to the healing powers of cannabis. Session after session, one of my young patients demonstrated drastic progress and I learned that the patient’s mother was giving her child CBD in her afternoon snacks!

Around 2014, my father underwent a 12 hour long open-heart surgery in Asia. To help him recover, I brought over a small amount of CBD oil. The results were incredible. The staffs at the hospital remarked he used less painkillers and recovered faster than any other patient that went through the same procedure, even ones far younger than him! It was just another confirmation of the magical properties of CBD (scars also healed much faster which totally inspired me to explore CBD benefits with skincare).

I decided to craft a series of women-focused cannabis seminars and businesses to provide knowledge and education around power of the plant back in 2013. Focusing on community and collaboration over competition- I wanted to uplift fellow female entrepreneurs in my space! These experiences all formed the perfect foundation upon which Kana Skincare was built.


How did integrating this into your wellness routine benefit you?

The science behind CBD skin care is so real. All of the compounds of CBD help calm inflammation, the precursor to all issues of the skin, and assist with cellular turnover. They also balance oil production and reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles. Kana Skincare uses broad spectrum, meaning we utilize the full array of cannabinoids, making it the most effective.

Simply put, my ultra-sensitive skin could not survive without Kana Skincare! Our EGF Active Botanical Essence is a cult-favorite with so many amazing “before and after” results from our customers! It is also the spa's favorite. I take this product everywhere, especially traveling! Not only does the plant-derived EGF promote skin elasticity and cellular turnover, the formulation also protects my skin against free-radicals and UV damage. The benefits on skin health and appearance are truly unparalleled.
There is also the important aspect of aromatherapy, which ties into our mission of mental health. Our Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask, for example, uses the calming addition of lavender to relax the users. It calms my ultra-sensitive skin, but also winds the mind down. For my skin and my mind, CBD skin care is self-care.


What inspired you to combine K-Beauty formulations with CBD?

I am American born-Chinese Korean. My mother was born and raised in Korea, so I was deeply immersed in Korean culture, including that of skincare! Marie Claire once said that beauty and skincare in Korea is 10 years ahead globally, and I couldn't agree more. Barely tiptoeing over the counter, I was already watching my mom making her own skincare masks with ingredients from the kitchen! Some of my earliest memories are her mixing egg whites, avocados, with honey, making her own treatments. We’d apply it on our faces and top that with thin cucumber slices or eat them! When I got older, I realized that her ultra-sensitive skin meant she couldn’t use more traditional products found in stores- so she made them from scratch with farmers' market ingredients.

As mentioned earlier, I had already seen the incredible effects CBD had on health and wellness. There was an amazing wealth of research being done on CBD in medicine - so as a plant-based skincare lover, it was a no-brainer for me to explore and research further the possibilities of CBD and K-Beauty. Kana Skincare’s products each introduce a new nutritive superfood- all incredible ingredients as well as a little nod to my mother’s kitchen masks! I believed in CBD so much that I saw the potential - I knew I could create the perfect formulas to make magic. In this way, Kana Skincare was such a labor of love, combining the best of both worlds - K-Beauty meets CBD.


How is this unique combination more beneficial compared to other CBD beauty blends?

Not only was Kana Skincare the first vegan K-Beauty CBD skincare line on the market, but we are also the pioneers of original formula with high-performance ingredients. Our products harness the power of K-beauty secrets, aromatherapy, and CBD into truly groundbreaking formulations at spa level. Breaking new ground is nothing new for Kana Skincare. Being so ahead of the market has drawbacks, but I knew we had a product that was worth powering through different standards. Kana Skincare was the first US based CBD skincare brand with original formulas certified by the EU - the gold standard for cosmetics internationally.

The line is 100% vegan, made in the USA, with all-natural ingredients and a twist on the concept of aromatherapy. There’s no fragrance, but why does it smell so good? just natural scent combinations from plants! Users do say that it’s like opening a fresh garden in a jar. As much as Kana Skincare nurtures the skin - it also nurtures the senses. Mental health is essential to wellbeing, and we’re committed to both inner and outer wellness! This pairs with the mission of Kana Skincare; true beauty is about daring to be your best, confident self.


Finally, what made you decide to partner exclusively with Anandha? How does this CBD multi brand platform reflect your brand ethos?

It is essential that Kana Skincare has a strong foundation of doing good, that we continue our mission of helping to foster confidence and self-empowerment. We recently began a series of virtual classes on beauty, self-care and mental health! We take questions from our audience, so it isn’t one-sided, we’re listening and engaging in the conversations women want to have today. It really is an ongoing conversation
about beauty, wellness, and health. Anandha is a trusted and very well-rounded platform which supports conscious brands across multiple categories.

We want to educate our audience and turn everyone into conscious consumers.

When I first began my career in the CBD industry, it was extremely male dominated. At tradeshows, I was usually the only or one of a handful of women-owned businesses. Since then, I’ve seen the CBD space expand and grow to welcome so many incredible female founders and creatives. Seeing women supporting each other in both professional and personal lives just once again reminds me that we are all working towards something greater than ourselves - be it rebranding cannabis, serving the community, providing support for small businesses, or pioneering the industry, I have so much hope for the future of CBD because I truly believe in the strength of women in business and the difference we can make as a team - fostering collaboration rather than competition. Anandha represents this in such a tangible way.
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